about us

It all started when we (Robyn & Robin - the "y" & the "i" - get it?!?) met in high school in TX. Next thing you know we're living in SF + NYC, getting together whenever we can & shopping for hours after an awesome brunch. During these trips we realized that even though we could (almost) afford $150 tops or $350 dresses, we couldn't shake the feeling that we were spending more than we should have to on clothes.

And so the idea of y&i was born - no matter what you are looking for, we'll help you find an amazing outfit that won't have you maxing out your credit card. We opened our first store in the Marina district of SF in 2006, with a great party and the perfect margarita. And we didn't stop there. We've come full cricle and opened stores in Austin, Dallas, & Plano, Texas. Although Robyn now spends her time making cool shoes for Birdies in SF & I'm running the stores, you can find us together whenever we get the chance!

XOXO Robin