Lilac Soiree Tiles


Size And Fit

Fit is true to size

Attention, mahjong players! If you're sick of the same old game and want something new and exciting, then have a look at the beautiful Lilac Soiree Tiles. The traditional and contemporary styles of Mahjong are expertly combined in these hand-painted tiles. These tiles exude festivity with their layers of acrylic in purple, baby pink, and navy. Get ready to level up your mahjong game like never before with these tiles! Turn your gaming evenings into parties that you will never forget and that will leave you wanting more.


- 160 Acrylic Tiles
- 1-9 Bams, Cracks, and Dots (4 of each) = 108
- N E W S (4 of each) = 16
- Red, Green, and White Dragon (4 of each) = 12
- Flowers = 8
- Jokers = 10
- Blanks = 6
- Set includes Tiles, Dice/Coin Bag, and 4 Instructional Cards